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The Truth About Home Microdermabrasion!
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      Microdermabrasion has become the number one selling skin care treatment in the world to combat aging, minimize wrinkles or erase acne scars. Virtually every skin care company has jumped on this bandwagon with a so-called "microdermabrasion" product because anything that calls itself microdermabrasion is hugely profitable - even if it isn't really microdermabrasion. Only now I'm going to show you the truth so you can avoid marketing scams and make more informed choices. Check out the insider tricks I'm going to share with you, then use your own common sense to decide which product will work best for you!

      Read this and decide for yourself

      Let's start by breaking down the word "microdermabrasion." "Micro" refers to the microscopic aluminum oxide crystals used to create friction. "Abrasion" is defined as "erosion by friction." Friction is what happens when two surfaces (your skin and the crystals) come into contact and rub against each other with resistance. "Derma" simply means your skin is the surface being eroded by the friction. I know it sounds awful, but hang in there because this technology really works, and is changing lives every day!

      The friction from the microdermabrasion crystals rubbing your skin "erodes," or removes, a layer of dead and damaged skin cells from your face. This not only gets rid of the bad skin cells, it stimulates the growth of healthy new skin cells. Also, your skin starts getting stronger to better protect you from this rough treatment by adding more collagen and elastin to your skin. As your skin gets stronger, it gets "thicker", stretching the surface of the skin tighter and younger looking, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. The key concept here is "friction." FRICTION is what makes real microdermabrasion work - it's not rocket science.

      ALL the so-called microdermabrasion products you see on TV from major brand names use some kind of cream. Usually the cream contains a few "crystals" of some kind. The marketing execs that thought this up think that makes it OK to "borrow" the medical term "microdermabrasion" and use it to fool you. But when was the last time you used a cream to create friction? Cream is a lubricant! A lubricant cannot be a true microdermabrasion product because lubrication is the enemy of friction. Sure, skin care creams with crystals have a superficial exfoliating affect but that isn't really microdermabrasion. They can never have results comparable to a doctor's microdermabrasion treatments because the process is THE OPPOSITE of a doctor's lubricates instead of abrades!

      Here's another way to avoid being fooled by marketing gimmicks.

      Most would-be microdermabrasion products for home use leave your skin with a nice "glow." Real microdermabrasion removes a whole layer of skin! When that happens, you will feel more than just a little "glow." You'll actually feel mild irritation. Why would you want to irritate your own skin? Because it makes it stronger and healthier, reduces wrinkles and takes years off your face - in minutes! Isn’t that worth putting up with a little irritation for a day or two? It's just like a mild sunburn, but it is definitely more than a little “glow.” This is normal; whether you spend $200 at a medical clinic or do it yourself with Dermanesse - you have red, irritated skin for a couple of days.

      The Dermanesse system includes our exclusive hypoallergenic and all-natural DermaRelief Gel to soothe your skin while it heals, so it's really not a big deal. The irritation just means the microdermabrasion is working. The important thing to know is that if you don't get that "sunburn" effect, it isn't working - it isn't actually removing a layer of skin, your skin won't build collagen and elastin, it won't get thicker and stronger, and you won't significantly reduce wrinkles and other sign of aging. Instead you get some exfoliation of dead skin cells on the surface, and a nice little "glow."

      That's also why real microdermabrasion treatments are never done more often than every two weeks - after a real microdermabrasion treatment your skin needs time to heal, and grow more collagen and elastin. TV products try to convince you how much fun it is to use their products every day - but that's really a sign they don't actually work, they're not really removing a layer of skin. Real microdermabrasion can't ever be done that often, and produces lasting results.Start using the Dermanesse system just once every 2 weeks, like a doctor's treatment. Each time you use it, your skin strengthens and thickens more, building collagen and elastic, reducing wrinkles and the appearance of aging. As your skin gets stronger, you do treatments less often for the same results. Imagine - just 3 minutes every 2 weeks - or less. That's all it takes!
      Here's a summary
      • Crystals + Abrasion (Friction) = Microdermabrasion
      • Real Microdermabrasion = Redness & Irritation
      • Crystals + Lubrication =  A Little "Glow"
      • or Just Another Skin Care Cream
      Isn't this all just common sense? Now you can't be fooled any more by marketing hype or gimmicks! So when I say that Dermanesse is the first and only microdermabrasion you can do yourself that actually works just like a doctor's'll understand it is true, not because I said it, but because it makes sense.

      The Dermanesse Professional Microdermabrasion System is simplicity itself.

      Dermanesse doesn't throw in any electronic gizmos, facial massagers or magic wands you don't need. When something works, you don't need all that junk. When it doesn't, you need gimmicks to hide that fact. A product that doesn’t work comes with a free facial massager because you need one to make you think something is happening. Take any skin cream at all and apply it to your face with an electric massager for a few minutes every day and your skin will get a little glow. It’s a gimmick, but it's not microdermabrasion. So don’t be fooled!

      With Dermanesse you only get exactly what you need for amazing results - results comparable to what you get at a doctor's office. Why, because Dermanesse actually found a way to manually replicate what happens in a doctor's office, only you replace the doctor. Your own hand replaces the dermabrasion wand of a $20,000 FDA-approved, Class-A medical microdermabrasion machine. Because you can feel your own hand and face better than a machine, it is actually easier and more accurate to guide yourself. You don't need the machine, or even a doctor trained to use the machine!

      The Dermanesse system includes their patent-pending crystal-bonded DermaSponge applicators embedded with the same aluminum oxide crystals used in expensive medical microdermabrasion machines. DermaSponge applicators actually let you apply the embedded crystals directly to your own skin, without any creams that reduce friction, gimmicky machines to make you think you’re doing something or expensive medical devices. You do it yourself. You control the pressure, you control the whole process, you control the results! Dermanesse lets you safely remove a layer of dead, damaged skin cells in the convenience of your home for a fraction of the price of a doctor’s treatment.

      The Dermanesse Professional Microdermabrasion system is safe and easy to use. Instead of expensive treatments miles away at a doctor's office, or home products you have to use virtually every day for negligible results, use the Dermanesse system just 3 minutes every 2 weeks. Though many people experience results the first time, the best results come after the 6 treatments included in each kit.

      Save $10 during the Truth About Microdermabrasion promotion!

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      You may notice that the Dermanesse System costs a bit more than the products with phony gimmicks. Well, that's because Dermanesse is a small company. We make our products right here in the USA in relatively small quantities. That costs more. But remember, one Dermanesse Professional Microdermabrasion System includes 12 weeks worth of treatments - so in reality, you spend less than you do with products that must be used almost daily. And when you compare Dermanesse to the real thing, not the pretenders, Dermanesse comes out on top every time. Each Dermanesse treatment is a small fraction of the cost of a dermatologist's treatment - with comparable results guaranteed!

      Of course, results vary for each person, depending on your own skin's condition and your ability to follow our simple instructions carefully. People with sensitive skin should follow the special hints included for that. Be prepared for redness, rashes and irritation for a couple of days while healing. Remember, this is exactly what happens when you spend $150 for a single treatment at a doctor's office. It is normal for medical-quality microdermabrasion. When your skin heals you will be amazed at the results! And then you will know for yourself that I am telling you the absolute truth. You won't be disappointed.

      Of course, you don’t have to take my word for any of this – just try it for yourself, Risk Free! With our 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose – and younger skin to gain. So Order Now during this Truth About Microdermabrasion Special - and Save $10!
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